My App Idea!

I think it’s obvious by now that I love to make stuff, since my blog is about crafts and all, so of course my app idea will be too. My app would be called “Craft It!” and it would rock because you don’t even need to leave your house for supplies if you want to make something. Basically it would go like this:

In the box that says “enter supplies”, you would type in all of the supplies that you have lying around and would like to use, which could be anything really. Then when you push search a ton of different craft ideas would pop up that you can make just by using what you have in front of you. As an extra, you could also check out categories and depending on what you like, you can find a craft to fall under it and it would give you a how-to.  For example, say you told it that you have glue, some golf balls, and some sticks, well random ideas would come up like make a decorative ant or some coasters or a cat toy, and it would tell you how. This is a simple idea but just to give you an idea. You could enter as many items as you want and it would still find things to make out of some or all of them for you. You could end up making anything from a Christmas ornament to a head board for a bed.  Then it would have a little Home button and a My Crafts button to save the ideas you want to use.

For one, this app would solve the problem of boredom because you would have no excuse to be bored if you find something cool to make with stuff you have right in front of you, and who wouldn’t want to create something? I think this app might be most useful to parents that are looking for a way to entertain their kiddos. They could easily whip it out and within seconds find something for their kids to do and put that energy to use, and they wouldn’t even have to make a run to the store.

Here’s an idea of what it might look like, it came out kind of small so just click on it to get a better look.



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