And in the end…

This will most likely be my last post for this blog i’m afraid, although I did enjoy taking my love of do-it-yourself projects further so you never know. It kinda goes against this class but I am not a big fan of social media. So when i found out Facebook, Twitter and this blog on WordPress were going to be in the picture, I really was not looking forward to it. All in all though, it wasn’t so bad and I did learn a lot of handy skills and information. I had never been exposed to the inside scoop of blogging where I am the one making the posts instead of benefiting from other peoples cool blogs. Learning tools like HTML, embedding pictures and video, and just being more engaged was interesting. However things like the Storify post, and the widgets I could have done without. I also wish WordPress would allow me to make individual posts on the other pages, instead of having to just edit the one post there in order to add anything. If I got a job where they needed someone to play around with their website or update a blog, I feel like I at least have a good foundation of knowledge on these thing that I could definitely build on and exceed at.
Now the Spring semester has come to a close and Summer is about to begin. I will continue to make things but I will not be posting about them. I now look forward to a Summer of yoga, skydiving, beaches and just a little bit of school.
If you’re are interested in more crafts or whatever I feel like pinning, by all means follow me on Pinterest if you have one.
Have a great Summer, thanks for stopping by!!
Get Up and Make Something!