Fringe Tank-Top!

It may still be a little chilly outside, but summer is just around the corner. In addition, because we live in Texas that means it will be Hot Hot Hot! You may try to keep cool by ditching the 3 quarter sleeves and switching to the standard summer tank-top, but perhaps you want to show off a new look and make your clothes more exciting with a nice bohemian vibe.

Well this is where our old friend bleach enters the picture. I made a post earlier about using bleach to put designs and pictures on shirts, but it can accent things too! I’ve seen a couple different versions of this being done online and out of all of them I think this is the best example to live up to.


  • Tank-top or T-shirt
  • Bleach
  • Scissors
  • Bowl (optional)

So in the picture above the look was done with a normal Tank-top which is totally fine and preferred, however, if you have any T-shirt that you’re fine with cutting up lying around then you can use the shirt. Just take a Tank-top in the shape that you’re going for and place it on top of the shirt and cut around it using it as a pattern.

Once you have a Tank-top that you are happy with , pour some bleach in the bowl and dip the bottom of the Tank-top in the bleach about a 1/3 of the way up depending on how much of it you want bleached. Now rinse off all of the bleach and dry it completely. For the cutting part which is next, you can use a ruler if making it even is important to you, otherwise cut the bottom into strips almost to where the bleach stops. Make little knots at the base of each one so that the shirt doesn’t split apart. Throw it in the washer and you’re all set.

If you really want to go all out, you can also add beads to the ends of the strips which looks pretty cool.

(On a side note, I think this looks best with darker colored shirts because of the contrast.)


This is a link to a Hobby Lobby coupon that they almost always have going, you don’t even need to print it out just show it from your phone!


Make your own oxfords!

Make your own oxfords!

I have always been a huge fan of oxford shoes but they can be kind of pricey. I saw this picture online and was super excited because the shoes used to make these are pretty inexpensive and you can have as many as you want and in any color! I think when I try to make these this summer i’ll probably go with a nice turquoise to liven things up a bit.

So this picture is pretty self-explanatory, but I think these are super cute. You basically just need a pair of white sneakers like the ones in the picture which can be found at Wal-mart or Target, a marker to draw on the pattern, and paint in the color of your choice. When I make them I will probably use some kind of fabric paint from Hobby Lobby, and then finish it by coating it with mod podge or a clear acrylic spray paint that you could also pick up at a craft store. Adding a finish is really important because you want the shoes to be protected from stains and especially water so that the paint doesn’t come off or get messed up.

Make sure you bring a coupon with you to the craft store, I never go without one!


This is a link to a short article about a company call “Shoes Of Prey” that  makes customized oxfords, although they are super expensive. They look really nice though if you would rather buy ’em then make ’em.

Make your own bleach shirt!

Make your own bleach shirt!

So I saw this shirt on esty and decided to make one similar for a friends’ birthday present. I’d never really used bleach on clothes other than to get stains out so I was really interested to try this out and use it on purpose to make clothes more exciting. I don’t have a picture of the one that I made, but I used the picture above as an example. I think it turned out really well and not only was it very interesting to watch, it was also kind of fun so i’ll definitely be making some for myself. Now to the how-to.

You can really make one of anything you like, just use a plain shirt you already have or go pick one up in whatever style you want. I just happened to get the one I used from Target and it was awesome. You can draw or print out either words or a picture (I used elephants because that’s what my friend is into) and cut them out to the size you want. Since this is a silhouette image, make sure you cut out the holes in the image that you want the white of the bleach to show through. Next go ahead and put some bleach in a little spray bottle (spray outside because of the smell and possible mess) and lay your cut out on top of the shirt where you want it. I put a piece of card board on the inside of my shirt so it wouldn’t bleed through in the process, and it worked really well. Once everything is in place, spray away! Just spray enough to where the cut out is out-lined. Wait for it to dry, wash it, and then you’re done!

After you wash it you may notice that the bleach bled a little too much and now your words or pictures are kind of blurry. Don’t worry, this happened to mine too. Don’t be afraid to do some outlining with a sharpie, my elephants we’re harder to make out than I wanted so I partially outlined them with a gray sharpie which helped a lot.

Most people already have something in mind but if you want some inspiration here’s a link to a website with some free printable stencils-

A little bit about me and my Blog

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Hey everybody, welcome to my blog! My name is Katie and I am a sophomore here at Texas State. I absolutely love making things and being crafty, so that is what this blog is going to be about. I’m going to be posting crafts that I have found online or have been told about or just came up with myself out of the blue. Some of them I have actually completed, and others I intend to but haven’t had the time. I will usually have a small sum-up of the instructions along with a good example of what it should look like and never anything too complicated. If you’re looking for some tunes to listen to that you probably have never heard before check out my Craft Tunes page! So without further adieu, get up and make something!  :}